Why would you want a daily min/max graph?

I was recently asked to make a daily min/max graph. I questioned the wisdom of this and showed how it was built on old compromises that don’t need to exist anymore. It’s time to move on.

Hindsight won’t help South Australian Restaurants

With restaurants facing the consequences of the storms riping through South Australia, is there something that they could have done to help in the difficult decision of keeping or throwing stock away.

I can’t find my delivery

“II have received an email from you saying my order is delivered but I didn’t receive it” – this post explains what to do now to ensure it arrives.

How often should you record the temperature of a commercial fridge?

Recently we were asked: When are you required (according to the food standards code of Australia and New Zealand) to take the temperature reading of a commercial Fridge, a commercial freezer and a Bain Marie that is set at 60 degrees and at what intervals e.g Every 2 hours or Twice every day ? The […]

Food temperature danger zone explainer video

What is the danger zone for food temperature? It’s a very simple message, but critical to food safety. This short explainer video covers the food temperature danger zone and the obligations on restaurants and cafes. It would be great if you shared the video with friends to help get the message out.

How long will a vaccine fridge remain below 8° during a blackout?

The critical temperatures 2°C and 8°C are the official limits that a vaccine must be stored between. Of the two temperatures, the lower one is the more critical. At 0°C certain vaccines freeze and become useless. This is important to keep in mind when dealing with the issue. The higher temperature is less rigid because […]

New phone number – 1300 30 33 34

New phone number We now have a new phone number – 1300 30 33 34. We will be keeping the original number (02 9614 6417) connected, but interstate callers may like to benefit from the 1300 number. Support options Also just a quick reminder of the sales and product support options we have. Phone: While […]


There is a variety of chemicals and electronics distributed between different areas and countries every day, many of them need to be transported within a certain temperature range to keep the efficacy and quality, and any temperature violation will cause huge economic losses. TempSen offers a range of data loggers to resolve these challenges, to […]

Life Science

Most of the vaccines, pharmaceuticals and biological being shipped around the world are temperature sensitive, which require stringent temperature controlling actions to be carried out throughout the entire shipping course, therefore, precise record of very potential temperature excursion happened is critical to patients’ healthy. Furthermore, FDA and cGMP regulations compliance are another concerns for users […]


Maintaining the temperature condition during cold chain is important for controlling the quality of perishable food during transport and storage, and obviously, selecting a reliable temperature data logger to record the temperature condition will be very helpful in decision making for receiving of goods, besides, cost is usually another key factor for users in food […]