Encrypted PDF Report

Automatically generating encrypted PDF format report, no software required.

Built-in USB Connector

Enables quick connection with PC anytime anywhere, no cable and reader required for downloading data.

Qualified for Air Transport Monitoring

Complies to RTCA/DO-160G Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures for Airborne Equipment, qualified for air transport under active status.

Mark Function

Click Mark button to write in time stamp for events requiring special attention during shipment, up to 9 marks available.

Multiple Alarm Ranges

Up to 5 alarm ranges offer precise and intuitive statistics for each configured alarm range.

EN12830 Compliance

Complies to EN12830:1999 for transport, storage and distribution of chilled, frozen, deep frozen, quick-frozen food and others.

3-point Calibration

100% Factory 3-point calibration, each logger comes with a NIST traceable calibration certificate.

TempCentre Support

Work with TempCentre desktop software to obtain precise insight into shipping environment information with help of a collection of advanced data analysis tools, to enable more efficient management for history data.

10% discount for 10 or more units.
Replaceable Battery
Reusable Battery


“Tempod are the ideal temperature loggers for anyone who needs to monitor just a single fridge or thousands of items in transit.

Tempod series temperature data loggers are designed for the complex conditions in transport and storage, with mark button for recording important events, users would be fully aware of the all events which need special attention, and multiple alarms could deliver detailed statistic results in various alarm ranges. This helps to offer more visibility for biopharmaceutical products in cold chain and validation operations.

The optional built-in PDF report means that the recipient does not need to have any special software installed to immediately see the results. Just plug the Tempod Temperature Logger in and immediately view the results.

The TempCentre data management software then extends the capabilities of the Tempod data loggers by providing a deeper insight into the results, as well as providing an easy to use method of initially programming the loggers.”